Dedicated to performing, promoting and presenting 20th and 21st century music, New York based ISSA Sonus Ensemble was established in 2008.

“Issa” is a Maltese word meaning “now”. ISSA Sonus is committed to promoting the music of today. By presenting contemporary works alongside works from earlier music periods and canonical works, ISSA Sonus aims to better connect to today’s audiences and foster an appreciation of the music of our time.

Bringing together a vibrant group of performers and composers, ISSA Sonus is a flexible ensemble whose musicians hail from renowned conservatories and universities. Individually, members have performed worldwide as soloists and members of orchestras and ensembles.

With a rich repertoire that includes numerous premieres, ISSA Sonus is passionate for the development and advocacy of new music. Many of their concerts expand classical chamber music to include music that crosses boundaries in terms of culture, style and tradition. Concerts have included performances with non-western instrumentalists such as their New York Premiere of Memories of a Shoehorn with Turkish oud player Munir Nurettin Beken.

Laura Falzon
Artistic Director